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Zero Waste Scotland

Skottland tar stora steg just nu för att ställa om landet till en cirkulär ekonomi. Zero Waste Scotland är den skottska statens experter inom resurseffektivitet och cirkulär ekonomi. När skapar vi en egen statlig myndighet för detta i Sverige? – Inspireras genom att läsa mer på sajten Zero Waste Scotland ZERO WASTE SCOTLAND Investeringsfond -Cirkulär […]

New Nordic Business Models for a Circular Economy

Let´s move from a linear to a circular economy, says The Nordic Council of Ministers during a workshop recently held in Copenhagen, Denmark. So let´s! What if we bring together business, public authorities and civil society to identify opportunities, solutions and policy options for promoting new business models? What if the new models are resource […]

Circular economy cuts carbon emissions by 70 percent, by 2030

A new Swedish study shows the huge benefits of enhancing resource efficiency. The proposition is that a circular economy replace the traditional, linear ’take, make & dispose’ model that has dominated the economy so far. In a circular economy all products are designed to fit into a system of recycling, reuse, disassembly and remanufacturing. Waste […]

Crowd shipping – start-up list

Jonathan Wichmann, an independent consultant focused on collaborative business ideas, has put together an interesting list of start-ups in logistics that embrases new thinking and make new solutions become reality. Check out his list below. I especially found the collection of companies focusing on ”Crowd Shipping” interesting. Wichmanns list of the most promising start-ups in […]

Transfix – the ”Uber for trucks.”

It´s a fact that many, many miles are needless miles, driven because of inefficiency in route planning. Let´s do this in another way and save a lot of miles. In this article ”25 trucks in New Jersey traveling to pick up 25 loads of goods over the course of a single day using a traditional […]

Paradigm shift with Dame Ellen MacArthur!

Welcome to a brand new way of thinking: The Circular Economy! It´s a world were materials continue in an endless loop, products are designed for disassembly and businessmodels are reshaped for this new reality. -”We are in a middle of a paradigm shift! says Ellen MacArthur about the switch from a linerar to a circular […]