Circular economy cuts carbon emissions by 70 percent, by 2030

A new Swedish study shows the huge benefits of enhancing resource efficiency. The proposition is that a circular economy replace the traditional, linear ’take, make & dispose’ model that has dominated the economy so far.

In a circular economy all products are designed to fit into a system of recycling, reuse, disassembly and remanufacturing. Waste as a consept will be emiminated. All materials will circulate in an endless loop.

A new study from The Club of Rome, a global thinktank, highlights that moving to a circular economy by using and re-using, rather than using up, would yield multiple benefits. This Swedish case study, the first in a series of reports in 2015, suggests that 2015 is a key window of opportunity to start modernising the EU economy, while boosting jobs and tackling climate change ahead of the UN climate change conference, COP 21, in Paris in December.”

The Guardian – Article