Elon Musk just changed the world with stored sunlight!

The problem is solved – We can now store sunlight. Imagine a world powered by sunlight. It´s finally becoming a reality. In three month we will see the first battery packs installed in people’s homes. An amazing fossil free future.

Last night Elon Musk introduced this new battery, the Tesla Powerwall that can store sunlight effectively. It´s also designed in a beautiful way so you can install it by just putting it up on the wall. You can also take it with you to ”live of grid” and up to 9 units can be assembled to add more power.

This is a gamechanger and I´m so much lookning forward on how our future will evolve using this.

PS. But I wonder that kind of rare minerals it contains and if it is a ”circular” product? Can all the parts be changed, the software easily get updated when needed and can the battery be disassembled at the end if it’s lifetime?

Check out this video:
Elon Musk introducing Tesla Energy

Atricle about the battery:
Tesla Energy is stored sunlight!