Sweden runs out of garbage!

To day I´m proud to Swedish! We have a developed a system for waste management that makes only 1 % of all waste end up in landfill. This is good news so lets be happy about this, but this is still not a totally circular system yet. But we have come a long way.

To become a wastefree state we must rethink the whole production line and think about what will happen in the end of their lifetime. Products must be produced with the whole lifecycle in mind, and they must be designed for disacemblying, from the very beguinning. We still burn a lot of resources (so called waste) in Sweden.

”Something incredible has been taking place in Sweden over the past several years, somewhat of a “recycling revolution,” if you will. Currently less than one percent of the garbage produced in Swedish homes ends up in the landfill today, with the other ninety-nine percent being recycled or composted.”

Sweden runs out of garbage